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The creators of Bar & Garden Dallas share a passion for clean drinking.

Jeff Fritz, a physician and father of two has always paid close attention to what he feeds himself and his family.  having grown up digging in the Texas Panhandle dirt eating and growing organic food, he appreciates transparency is his diet

Julie Buckner Lane, a born and raised dallasite, is eager to transform how Dallas drinks. As the buyer for Bar & Garden Dallas, Julie cares about three things: transparency, taste and twerking. We’re only half kidding.

Our Standards

We only carry wine, spirits and cocktail mods free of artificial colors and flavors. All of our wines are, at minimum, practicing organic, and many are biodynamic. That means no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides used in the vineyards. It also means you’re not drinking toxic chemicals!

Natural Wine   

As a leader in the Texas natural wine Movement we want to support the artists, farmers and makers of Raw Wine. 


It’s hard enough to know what’s in alcoholic beverages without FDA regulation. We do the research for you.

While we dig high-end booze, we’re just as excited to talk about our $10 Biodynamic  Bordeaux.


The “Garden” in Bar & Garden Dallas reflects the fact that all alcohol comes from plants. We sell ivy, ferns, blooms, cacti, succulents and tillandsia. 

Beyond greenery and booze, we stock barware, chocolate, jewelry and snazzi gifts

We host tastings every Saturday at Bar & Garden Dallas. Check out our calendar of events.

Why buy wine and liquor from your local shop over the grocery store? Read here.

Better booze, better you. ;)