natural wine

Bar & Garden Dallas features a radically delicious lineup of natural wines.

we celebrate winemakers who honor nature, employing organic and oftentimes biodynamic methods—treating the vineyards like a living ecosystem and embracing biodiversity. Many French producers call natural wines “vin vivants,” which literally translates to “living wine.”

Natural wine, or “raw wine,” relies on minimal-intervention winemaking, showcasing the truest expression of the grapes and the land on which they are grown. Natural wines use only native yeasts, and often avoid filtering, fining or additives. 

While the raw wine revival is relatively new to our over-commercialized society, low-intervention is truly the ancestral way of making wine. This fringe or counter-culture movement is quickly rising in popularity, thanks to a cohort of subversive, pioneering winemakers widely revered as renegades and rebels. 

Today, natural wine is readily found at bars, restaurants and boutique retail stores in major cities around the world—from Paris to London, New York City, Los Angeles and beyond. Bar & Garden Dallas is proudly cultivating a growing base of raw-wine fans in Texas.


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