organic wines

While large-scale, industrialized wines dominate the mass market, Bar & Garden Dallas favors handmade, artisanal wines. We feature only organic wines, meaning no synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides are used in the vineyards.

Just like consuming organic fruits and vegetables free of harmful, artificial compounds is beneficial to your health, ingesting wine made with organic grapes is better for your body. Conventional wines—made from grapes sprayed with chemicals and stripped of their natural properties—are also harmful to the environment. Toxic chemicals can seep into soil, contaminating groundwater and local watersheds.

Bar & Garden Dallas also offers biodynamic wine. Biodynamic farming takes organic practices a step further by treating the vineyards like a living ecosystem with a diverse, symbiotic relationship to other plant and animal life. The ancient winemaking ritual respects how phases of the moon impact ocean tides and all living things—grapes included. Biodynamic wines are often made with grapes harvested at night under the full moon.

Our mantra is “Drink Better. Feel Better.” Drinking organic wine means a better tomorrow.